App & Website update

Website Version 5.1
This update has been in the works for some time.

• Removed the feature to coincide with free gifts linked from the PCN QR from lack of interest

• Added the ability to download the latest copy of our app direct from our website no more searching long links

• Added page view counter

• Added new service meeting times at a glance

App Version 2.0
• We have removed the Prophecy section as it is now archived on our website
• Added a directions section to get directions from your current position to our church
• Added Living Way Academy new term section

You can now get real time updates from us by downloading the new BBM App from the Apple App store /Google Play Store and add our pin: 7974DF0E
Send us a message and let us know if you want daily blog updates or just app updates.

Tell your friends about us and if they are Android / IOS / Windows users they can now download our app direct from our website

*We are aware off issues accessing our blogs via the app and hope to have this fixed soon*


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