App update version 2.2

App Version 2.2
•We have removed the UCB word 4 2day
•We have temporarily removed our sponsors section
•We have added all our social feeds including our tumblr feed so you can access our blog including the word for today on several platforms
•We have added an events Callander which will get updated regularly
•We have updated our contact us section for both US & UK users


App announcement

App Version 2.1 has been released
What’s new:-
•Fixed blog error so you can now view our blogs again
•Merged all our blogs into one feed so you never have to miss a feed again
•added a message us section so you can contact us by BBM or free text in USA

Login to the app to see the update or download from

App details

We are pleased to announce that a fix for our blog issue in our app will be released soon and also we will be releasing some contact details in the next update which will allow real time communication with us either in BBM or if ur in America a free USA text number

Third-Party Vendor Beats Apple to Market With Reversible Lightning USB Cables

The 📱Tech Bloom

Amid rumors that Apple is developing a Lightning cable with a reversible USB connector, third-party accessory vendor Truffol has begun selling a reversible USB Lightning cable on its website, beating Apple to the punch.

Priced at $9.99, the reversible cable advertised by Truffol is designed to be inserted into a USB port in either direction, a shift from a traditional USB cable that can only be inserted in one direction. While the cable is not Apple-approved and thus not Made for iPhone (MFi) certified, Truffol has told MacRumors that its cable works with both existing iOS devices and the upcoming iPhone 6. Using non-certified third-party iPhone accessories is not recommended by Apple, however, and in the past, some third-party accessories have caused damage to iOS devices.


It is not clear whether these third-party reversible USB Lightning cables were already in development ahead of the rumors suggesting Apple was developing its…

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App & Website update

Website Version 5.1
This update has been in the works for some time.

• Removed the feature to coincide with free gifts linked from the PCN QR from lack of interest

• Added the ability to download the latest copy of our app direct from our website no more searching long links

• Added page view counter

• Added new service meeting times at a glance

App Version 2.0
• We have removed the Prophecy section as it is now archived on our website
• Added a directions section to get directions from your current position to our church
• Added Living Way Academy new term section

You can now get real time updates from us by downloading the new BBM App from the Apple App store /Google Play Store and add our pin: 7974DF0E
Send us a message and let us know if you want daily blog updates or just app updates.

Tell your friends about us and if they are Android / IOS / Windows users they can now download our app direct from our website

*We are aware off issues accessing our blogs via the app and hope to have this fixed soon*


Every now and then I like to take a look at the stats of our blog to see which countries are viewing our content most and also which blogs are most popular so we can try and tailor it to our audience so they see more of God’s word in a way that gets them best. It always surprises me which countries have viewed them and there is always a close call between views in the UK & USA.


At the moment the UK is currently the top viewed and it gives me a nice feeling to see that we are being viewers by so many so I would like to take this opportunity to ask you guys to comment on where you are viewing from and which of our posts
You like most.